Stellar, not Ripple, to be the Global Coin?

On my work and ideas, I have outlined the macro environment we are heading towards and why Government Digital money is coming. The next crisis will lead to a freeze. People will demand access to their money, and government will kill cash introducing digital currency with the excuse that bank runs will occur if bail outs with cash happen. 

Now all money can be tracked and taxed…this will be especially for small business. Of course, digital money will be needed for MMT and Universal Income as the socialist economists know that giving people more money without any production increases just leads to nothing. To handle inflation , government will act as the central bank by killing excess supply of money through heavy taxation. 

I have spoken on how Ripple could be used to ‘bail out’ banks and bring forth digital currency. The next crisis will see banks AND governments needing bail outs. All the IMF and WB would have to do is to use a digital money, give it some value (100 or 1000 per token/coin) then send it to the banks and you have instant liquidity. Ripple also sort of meets a criteria of fiat because any number of it can be made and brought into existence. Many people think Ripple will be this coin due to the deals with the banks. However, you need to remember it really is about xRapid. These banks can very well have their own coin/token to use on xRapid. If they do not, then yes, just take Ripple and rename it perhaps IMF coin or Global coin etc. 

However, you need to think as the elites. I believe the elites know many already hold a lot of Ripple. They do not want to make people rich. This could be a red herring… 

Recently, a lot of talk about Stellar has been raised. Stellar I believe is similar to Ripple, with the creator being someone who left the Ripple team. Essentially being a decentralized version of Ripple. 

So what a lot of people are talking about is the fact that the letters X-L-M have been seen on the cover of recent Economist magazines. The Economist magazine having the reputation of being the globalist publication. I am not saying this is a reason to buy Stellar , but I find it interesting for one further reason. 

I attend the Vancouver Resources Investment Conference here in Vancouver. A few years back, I spoke with Author and Market Analyst Jim Rickards. I found out that my suspicions of cryptos are similar to his. You can call him an elite if you would like…he has spoken at Davos and Bilderberg. I gave him my thoughts on Ripple vs Stellar … And he essentially confirmed that Stellar is the coin that you would want to hold. So I just find this interesting. 

The chart is showing a double bottom which indicates that the down trend may be losing exhaustion. Again, I have said this many times, but the alt coins really need regulation for them to take off. Once regulations are implemented, big funds will enter the crypto market. Right now Bitcoin , and also Litecoin, are great for transferring large amounts of money as an intermediary. I have spoken about this and China. 

I am big on precious metals due to the CONFIDENCE CRISIS that is coming. However, with the death of fiat that is coming, cryptos may be worth the speculation and I do hold some. Countries do not want to handle their debt problems…they will inflate to give the illusion of a wealth effect. It will take more weaker currency units to buy things, but real estate and stocks may rise giving this wealth illusion. Purchasing power will stay the same. You can already see central banks attempting to KILL their currencies by devaluing by cutting interest rates. It is a race to the bottom and central banks will be cutting more quicker to get there.

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