Mueller Report: No Russia Collusion.

The Mueller report was released to the public on Thursday and many are wondering what happens next?

Here on my blog and social media, I have outlined how the Russians did NOT hack the elections. It was not the Russians or a bunch of racists who voted President Trump into office. If the economy was as great as President Obama and the Democrats said it was, Hillary Clinton would have won the election. People underestimate how much damage Obamacare really did. Small business’ avoided hiring full time because then they could avoid the health premiums which were very high. This is why, when President Trump was elected, the small business sentiment skyrocketed.

To be honest, I will be disappointed if not punishment is dished out. For the past few years, mainstream liberal media channels, and Democrat politicians have been telling us constantly about the Russians hacking the election. I believe they did this because Trump is NOT a career-politician, and quite frankly, the Democrats spent around 1 billion dollars on the election (Trump spent 5 million) and this loss was embarrassing because they pulled all the dirty tricks in the book.

These people knew the Russian story was a hoax but perpetrated it anyways and tried to fool the American people and the world. They literally tried to take down a sitting President. This is treason. The penalty is imprisonment for life or execution decided by a military tribunal.

They cannot be allowed to get away so easily from this. Most media channels are still brushing this off, and saying, “oh we must have received the wrong information”. They cannot admit they were wrong, nor can they apologize to the President. Honesty, the people should have lost faith in the media.

The media is not even covering this full story as expected. What would happen next is to see who gave this information about Russia affecting the elections, this will take us to the top of the Democratic party to Obama, Clinton etc. They need to be questioned on what they actually knew.

Imagine had the roles been reversed. Had a Republican President accused a Democratic sitting President of colluding with a foreign power to win the election and then was proven wrong by an investigation. We would not hear the end of it! There would be no Republican President afterwards perhaps!

President Trump is expected to win the next election, as he now has this weapon in his arsenal. The “you cannot trust the Democrats” card. The only chance the Democrats have is if they LOWER the voting age so they can get high school students to vote for them, OR if some sort of economic crash/crisis occurs which causes stock markets to fall. I have spoken about how in China in 2014, some billionaires had enough of President Xi and decided to short the markets. The resulting selling orders overwhelmed the People’s Bank of China’s trading desk, and the Chinese markets were closed for two days as they solved this issue. They could not allow the stock market to fall. The goal of the billionaires was to create an uprising against the Communist party. If people saw their investments, retirements etc go down, they would be angry and rise up. However, the totalitarian state is too strong and the billionaires were captured, imprisoned, missing, or executed.

Anything can happen in this world. I would not put it past the Democrats to tell the banks, who fund career-politicians, and their corporate and billionaire donors to short this market. They will then be rewarded once the Democrats win. Steve Mnuchin spoke with the 6 large banks in December 2018 to tell them to keep stocks propped. They can easily flip sides. Trump does need higher markets for re-election and to have a strong position against China for the trade talks.

The economic calendar is quiet this week. Keep in mind we have Easter Monday so Monday will be subdued.

  • Wednesday: AUD CPI Q1, CAD Rate Decision.
  • Thursday: JPY Rate Decision, JPY CPI (April), US Nondefense Goods Order (March).
  • Friday: US GDP Q1 Preliminary.

US Equities remain the same really from last week. We are still awaiting to see how price reacts at previous all time highs. Expecting a break into new all time highs.

Will start off with a weekly chart that has caught my attention. The AUDNZD had a nice downtrend which then bounced at a support zone around the 1.02 zone. Last weeks candle closed above a swing (lower high) which is a strong sign of an uptrend now. We have had 4 weeks of green candles with no higher low yet made. I would expect one to be made. I will watch this chart on the lower time frames (daily and 4 hour) and see how we react on a retest of the 1.06 zone. One perhaps to watch for the next few weeks.

The Hang Seng Index looks nice. I am awaiting for a break before continuing higher. Similar to the Nikkei which I discussed last week and is still showing signs to catch up.

Natural Gas warrants a discussion. We had an important daily zone break. One to keep on the radar. Could potentially see a retest of the 2.6o zone before heading down lower. 2.40 and 2.20 are potential areas to target.

We got the Gold break below the 1280 zone. Now we are retesting that zone. Let us see if we can get a daily candle body close below the previous day. Interestingly, on the 2 hour chart, we can potentially see a long trade idea with a left shoulder and head in a head and shoulders pattern forming. Will be watching both.

Silver is very interesting. Spoke about this chart last week as well, and we have managed to stay above the support zone. Watching to see if the 15.00 zone will be taken out.

We need to speak about the US Dollar. For the past 6 months, the US Dollar has essentially ranged. Generally, when we see a break after such a long time of doing nothing, we will see quite the move to back that break. I have spoken about the US Dollar and how I expect it to go much higher. People are running into the Dollar because the US still is doing better than most western nations, and the Dollar is the reserve currency. As the Dollar goes higher, we will see all the problems of the world exacerbate especially in emerging markets as their dollar denominated debt gets higher.

USDJPY still on the radar. Nice pattern being formed after an uptrend wave and at a resistance zone. Will wait to see if we close below 111.85 zone.

A very nice chart. AUDCAD has a nice uptrend wave and is now showing some topping at a resistance zone. The wicks above indicate a nice wall of sellers. I am watching the 0.9550 zone to break before entering.

A lot of people are talking about USDCAD. It looks likely that we will be breaking this 1.3390 zone. US dollar strength looks apparent as discussed with the Dollar Index chart, and Oil, which we will look at next, has a chance to fall. This Wednesday is the Bank of Canada Interest Rate decision…expecting a bearish tone and talk of warranted rate cuts.

US Oil still relatively the same from last week but with more context now. We have had 4 tests above to break higher but it has never happened. We do have a nice uptrend wave, and are now ranging and expect a downtrend wave when the previous swing (higher low) is taken out. Watching the 63.00 zone. Remember, we need this break first. When a market is ranging, it can still be a pause in the primary trend, in this case an uptrend.

Lastly, I need to speak about EURCHF due to the apparent uptrend. I look for trending markets so cannot avoid this one. We have reached a resistance zone, and am now looking for some sort of pattern here. I would like to see perhaps a double top or a lower bounce pattern (a test of support then a lower high being made indicating sellers have control). I am watching the 1.1380 zone.

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