Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing

This trend has been increasing lately, but I will not be speaking about the health benefits. I think many of us know that we live in a stressful world, and being in nature and connecting with nature plays a very soothing effect on us.

Instead, I want to focus on improvement on your trading.

I do natural photography as a hobby, you can see some of my pictures on my instagram @vancityfx.

However, as I did this and spent more time in nature, my trading improved.

In fact it was not my trading that really improved, it was myself.


Walking in a forest is meditative in itself. I believe (and many do as well) that meditation plays a role in developing a type of sixth sense and also improves your focus.

When you are outdoors, you observe fractal patterns. The market is made up of these fractal patterns, and hence why I call trends waves. It is all a cycle, like there are cycles in the markets.

Also, I find meditation, brings you in the now. Into the present. Not thinking about the past, and not worrying about the future. Living carefree. This has a powerful effect and many bestseller motivational and self-help books like “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” are all about.

I find observing animals, such as birds, aid in this. Animals think in the present, they do not think about the past or worry about the future, they are in the now. This is why your dog is always happy to see you. We can learn a lot of lessons from animals.

I have been reading many Shinrin-yoku books and they speak about how when we are indoors or in the city, we really are relying on two of our senses (mainly sight and taste). In nature, you can activate all 5 senses and also the sixth sense. 

When you are in nature, the sounds, the smell, even the taste of the air (however, in parts of Japan they do prepare meals made out of forest plants). 

I know this topic is beyond the scope of this blog, but most of trading is all psychology. I found myself visiting nature at least once a week (however, the books recommend once a month) really did improve my well being which subsequently improved my trading. Being in this ‘carefree’ mindset allowed me to better improve my analysis and develop a type of sense when looking at charts. Again this may be due to the same fractal patterns we see in nature and that this sense we develop can then see in financial markets.

Give it a try. If you do not believe in the psychology effects, at least you will get some exercise and fresh air! 

If getting out is not something you can do often, then bring the indoors to you!

Shinrin-yoku books speak about the impact of nature sounds and scents of pine, cedar, and fir and the impact they have on your health due to specific chemicals. You can listen to nature sounds on youtube now a days, and for smell, I recommend grabbing a scent diffuser for essential oils. Find a scent that has cedar, pine, and/or fir. I personally use:

Remember though to give yourself up to nature. Do not do so for pictures for social media. It is supposed to be meditative, treat it like such. Put the phone away. Breathe the fresh air, observe the wind blowing the leaves, listen to the birds, taste the scent of cedar, touch the bark.

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